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BuyerKiosk Management

Type of Program:

BuyerKiosk Slide Creation and Management Partner


Key Contact(s):

Mark Canada | Office: (317) 829-0270 |


Overview of the Company:

Mark 4 Marketing is an advertising agency that provides everything from digital and social media advertising to radio and television. We have a particular niche with resale clothing stores and can customize video, static, BuyerKiosk, or whatever ads you may need.


Services Offered:

Slide Creation

  • Our team will customize slides based on your store’s needs: in-store events, promotions, and “currently buying” lists/graphics, just to name a few.

  • We’re also able to use any Winmark provided BuyerKiosk slides, leaving it as-is or making edits (such as adding, replacing, or removing text), to tailor it to your store’s needs.

  • Examples: Mark 4 Slides

BuyerKiosk Management

  • Mark 4 will manage your BuyerKiosk so you can better use your time elsewhere.

  • We upload new slides as detailed above.

  • Our team will also expire/remove slides that aren’t in-season or after an event or promotion runs.

  • We monitor the account often to look for any broken images and ensure the loop is running smoothly.


Program Cost:

This is an introductory service we intend to offer free of charge for the foreseeable future in order for stores to evaluate the value of BuyerKiosk as a promotional vehicle as well as the service we offer at Mark 4. We will be interested in hearing your feedback!


More Information:

For more information or to add this service to your BuyerKiosk contact me directly:

Mark Canada | Office: (317) 829-0270 | |

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