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Meeting your customers where they're at

Social media is here to stay. The numbers of users, how often they check their accounts, and how much time is spent engaging on social media platforms are staggering. Your customers are here. If you're not  engaging with them on social media then you're missing a prime opportunity.

At Mark 4, we don't run your social media accounts. We believe creating posts and interacting with customers is best handled by those who have the day-to-day experiences with them.

Where we can help is in utilizing the business manager platform to reach your friends, followers, or anyone else who would be a great prospect for your business. Facebook's advertising platform is available to you directly, but why not put our expertise to work for you and take the hassle off your plate.

Utilizing the advertising available on Facebook and Instagram is especially valuable since they changed their algorithms to de-prioritize business posts. Running paid advertising is a way to get in front of your customers on these powerful platforms. At Mark 4 we will build and manage campaigns with the right targeting to reach your customers where they are at. 

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